How Penn State uses Visual BACnet Site Monitoring to reduce and maintain network traffic

How PSU uses Visual BACnet across their campuses

Four years ago, Penn State was at 90,000 packets per hour of broadcast traffic. At least a dozen different buildings were randomly dropping offline. The network team was on the phone almost every single night because something was down, something wasn’t communicating, or something had to be reset. They needed a powerful tool to drastically reduce and maintain network traffic. But they tried just about every program out there, and the programs were clunky, inflexible, and cost tens of thousands of dollars every year just to licence.

Hear how Tom Walker and his team at PSU have found the perfect solution for their network, with Visual BACnet Site Monitoring. You’ll learn:

  • What Penn State did to reduce their network traffic and make it healthy

  • How they use Visual BACnet across their campuses

  • And how the team at Penn State plans to continue lowering network traffic with Visual BACnet

Date and time: Wednesday July 11th at 11 a.m. PDT / 2 p.m. EDT

Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) are different in a lot of ways, from their design to their maintenance workflows and more.

It’s super important to have unique Device IDs on your BACnet system, but duplicates are a very common problem. You might not even realize you have duplicate IDs, with devices only responding periodically.

There’s a ton you can do in Optigo OneViewTM, from managing and organizing VLANs, to creating mirror ports and securing the network at the touch of a button.

Visual BACnet is a powerful program that removes the guesswork to diagnosing problems on your network. It provides a concrete Network Health Score, highlights key issues, and empowers users to improve their networks over time.

Building a bid with Optigo Connect? Whether you’re designing a network for a big or small building, a new project or retrofit — Optigo Connect Spectra and Hybrid have you covered.

Advanced Reports are a fantastic addition to your service offerings, and a great way to keep your network updates on track. You can use them to:
- Communicate the site’s status with your customer

VLANs and BBMDs seem at complete odds with each other. One is meant to separate and segregate traffic. The other is designed to broadcast messages across the network, without limit for which devices should get what messages.

Unresponsive Devices can cause a lot of unnecessary traffic on an  Operational Technology network, but it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what’s causing the problem.

The BACnet Browser in Visual BACnet allows you to customize the information you see and isolate the specific packets you need to solve your problem.