The Future of BACnet

With special guests from BACnet International, Building Automation Monthly, and bluEvolution

Commercial buildings and campuses worldwide are running on BACnet. Reports show its rate of adoption increasing year over year. But as smart, connected technology makes our networks more complex, there are new uncertainties about how B-IoT and BACnet will work together.

We’re exploring this new frontier on our webinar, the Future of BACnet, moderated by Pook-Ping Yao, CEO of Optigo Networks. Join us for a panel with very special guests:

We’ll explore key ways that BACnet is evolving, and how to leverage BACnet in the smart buildings of today and tomorrow.

Date and time: August 22nd at 11 a.m. PDT / 2 p.m. EDT

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A common misconception is that DDoS attacks only affect IT networks. But OT networks are also susceptible to DDoS attacks, and the results can be just as catastrophic.

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Chris Goodman, the Senior BMS Technician at Coventry University, had a problem on his MS/TP network.

The latest release from Visual BACnet brings huge convenience and time saving for users with JACE controllers. Now, you can capture BACnet data quickly and easily, sending it right from your JACE to Visual BACnet for analysis.

Need help with your BACnet network? Want to improve your BACnet Network Health overall, so sudden issues don’t devastate the system?

Do you waste time on repetitive tasks, like entering in static IP addresses? Do you wait forever to get a block of IP addresses from IT that you can use? 

Do you need help analyzing and solving a problematic BACnet network? Send your pcaps in, and our team of BACnet buffs will show you how they dig into files, from start to finish.

Visual BACnet is a powerful visualization tool for building automation system service providers.

BACnet is a widely used protocol for building networks that provides many benefits for connected building automation systems. But there are many issues that commonly plague BACnet networks.

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