Visual BACnet

WHAT IS Visual BACnet?
Visual BACnet is an advanced visualization tool for building automation system service providers. The powerful analytics engine quickly identifies common problems and anomalous behavior in the BACnet infrastructure.

Why Visual BACnet?

If there’s one certainty in building automation systems, it’s that there will be network problems. The question is, how long will it take to find and fix the issues?

Isolating a problem in a network with thousands of devices can be time-consuming and overwhelming. With Visual BACnet, users can monitor networks, quickly identify issues, create reports, track problem devices, analyze packet traffic, and much more.

When Tom Walker first started working at Penn State University years ago, there were a lot of network issues. Buildings were dropping offline, and he was on the phone almost every night because devices were down or had to be reset.

Walker and his team managed to reduce broadcast traffic over the years, from 90,000 down to about 30,000 packets per hour; but that took a half-dozen different tools and two dedicated network integrity analysts. Now with Visual BACnet, they’re getting into the nitty-gritty of refining and maintaining network health — especially as the network continues expanding year over year.

Visual BACnet Can Help


Visual BACnet allows OEMs to sell end-to-end solutions, empowering their customers to become Master Systems Integrators.

  • Differentiate Your Offerings
  • Increase Your Revenue
  • Show customers exactly what is happening in their BACnet network


Visual BACnet helps integrators lower their post-deployment support costs and potentially create recurring revenues.

  • Decrease the number of potential failure points
  • Identify issues quickly during deployment
  • Offer ongoing maintenance contracts

Building Operators

Visual BACnet helps building operators increase confidence that everything is always working to keep their commercial building secure, comfortable.

  • Identify issues quickly
  • Track problem devices
  • Create reports

Know your BACnet System


Understand the health of your BACnet system before and after working on it.


Use graphs to see network activity, anomalies and patterns.


Instantly pinpoint problems with advanced diagnostic checks.


Track trends in your network health over time; expose recurring issues.


Receive alarms when something changes in your system.


Pinpoint the devices that need reconfiguring.

Increase Current Contracts

Offer Visual BACnet as a service offering and win more ongoing service contracts.

Reduce Service Contract Attrition

Identify problems before the customer starts getting complaints.

Advanced Reports

Add Advanced Reports to your service contracts. Show your customers exactly how healthy their system is, which devices are causing problems, and the full list of devices on site.

Visual BACnet around the world

Visual BACnet is used by facility managers, integrators, and manufacturers around the world.

Optigo Quote - Visual BACNet

With Visual BACnet, we were able to fix our issues and got things better, and they are still getting better.

– Gary Brancato, Princeton University Controls Engineer