Visual BACnet

WHAT IS Visual BACnet?

Visual BACnet is a monitoring and analytics platform to help you improve your BACnet Network Health. The powerful diagnostics program finds problems in the BACnet system and highlights issues that need to be fixed. Common problems like BACnet MS/TP, duplicate BBMDs, and Global Who-Is broadcasts are quickly found, so you can focus on fixing them. This Software as a Service (SaaS) program is available through an online web application or on-prem platform, to suit your needs.

If you supervise a building or site running on BACnet, or if you support customers with BACnet devices, we have solutions for you.

Use Visual BACnet to:

  • Solve problems in minutes
  • Stop finger-pointing between vendors
  • Manage the integration between multiple contractors
  • Improve your systems over time, with historical data to track progress, and maintain system health
  • Get notified on changes to Network Health, so you can set it and forget it
As a small team, we need to be able to identify and respond to issues quickly. Visual BACnet plays a key role in helping us be proactive in our work and reduce the impact on the university.

– Chris Goodman, Senior BMS Technician, Coventry University

Benefits and Features

If you have one big site to manage, you need to know when something changes on your network, and make sure the site’s working every day.

If you have multiple sites to support, you want to provide excellent customer service. You need to stand out from competitors and solve clients’ problems quickly.

No matter the size of your BACnet network, Visual BACnet is essential to ensuring reliable performance.

Get the benefits of:

  • Scores to clearly communicate Network Health
  • Diagnostic Checks based on industry best practices
  • Trends of historical data to track and benchmark your success
  • Alerts to notify you and your team when the Network Health drops
  • Remote capture technology so you can analyze the network from anywhere
  • Reports to show value, prove progress, and share information between stakeholders
You guys make a very good, easy to use and helpful product. I thoroughly enjoy using it — especially on systems with multiple issues. The results are clear and concise and I have saved many hours using your tool.

Account Types

Secure: Get an accurate, up to date list of devices on the network. Receive alerts and identify when new ones are added with the Device Browser.

Notify: Get notified when your Network Health changes unexpectedly.

Trend: Track trends in your Network Health over time and expose recurring issues.

Service: Provide incredible customer service by monitoring your clients’ networks for issues.

Benchmark: Show the value of your work with clear before and after results. Provide reports as a service add-on for customers.

Support: Become your clients’ go-to for service and support by solving their problems fast.

Assess: Check the health of the BACnet system before and after working on it, to show clear improvement.

Visualize: Use graphs to see network activity, anomalies, and patterns. Zero in on problems to quickly identify and fix them.

Diagnose: Instantly pinpoint problems with advanced diagnostic checks, and spot problem devices.


All Visual BACnet accounts include support, training, and PDF reports of your analysis. Cloud-hosted accounts include long-term online storage of analyses.

Find out what you get with specific account plans below, and reach out to with any questions.


  • Unlimited analysis
  • Multiple users
  • 1 Monitoring site
  • Scalable price plans based on BACnet network size
  • $4,000 USD/years per 1,000 BACnet devices


  • Unlimited analysis
  • Multiple users
  • Multiple monitoring sites
  • Up to 1,000 BACnet devices per site
  • Year 1: $5,000 USD
  • Year 2: $10,000 USD
  • Year 3: $15,000 USD


  • 1200 file analysis
  • 5 users
  • Add more users for $200 USD/year, per user
  • $6,000 USD/years


  • 600 file analysis
  • Single user account
  • $2,000 USD/years

Single Use

  • On-demand upload and analysis
  • $50 USD/ 1 credit
  • $300 USD/ 10 credit

Try before you buy


For campuses and buildings that have strict privacy requirements that still want to take advantage of Visual BACnet by hosting it on site. Visual BACnet On-Premise gives the customer the features of Site Monitoring and the increased security of hosting the server on site.

Optigo Quote - Visual BACNet

With Visual BACnet, we were able to fix our issues and got things better, and they are still getting better.

– Gary Brancato, Princeton University Controls Engineer