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ONS-NC600 with OneView™


Optigo Network Controller ONS-NC600 OneView
View tens to thousands of ports in a simple interface, with responsive search filters and sorting functions
Power cycle any devices powered by Power-over-Ethernet such as IP cameras right from a VMS
Name and color code VLANs, to easily organize and identify which devices belong on which VLANs
Secure the entire network at the click of a button, with OneClick Secure. Close all open ports, and lock used ports to the applicable MAC address.


Our management interface, the Network Controller with Optigo OneView, allows you to manage your entire network from one place. Quickly and easily see the status of your ports, know how much bandwidth you are using, and configure VLANs. OneClick Secure allows you to close all open ports and lock used ports to the applicable MAC address with the click of a button. Optigo OneView gives you unique visibility into your building network.

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