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Optigo Connect, now for every building project


Optigo Connect has long been a full-scale solution for large commercial buildings, from stadiums, to high-rises and data centers. 

Now, we’re supporting all Operational Technology (OT) networks, both big and small, new and retrofit. Our latest release, Optigo Connect HybridTM, is available for copper, single-mode fiber, multi-mode fiber, and mixed cabling networks, making Optigo Connect perfect for projects of any size. 

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The Operational Technology networking solution for all buildings


Vancouver, B.C. September 25, 2019 – Optigo Networks, the connectivity, monitoring, and analytics company, is now expanding to support copper Ethernet networks. The latest release, Optigo Connect HybridTM, extends the product line to work with copper, multi-mode fiber, single-mode fiber, and mixed cabling systems. It is the perfect solution for new or retrofit projects on buildings both big and small. 

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Project with MR Soluciones is a Landmark for new technology


A new-build project is always an exciting opportunity to design a forward-thinking network from the ground up. While retrofit projects are a chance to revitalize an established system, new buildings are a completely blank slate. 

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What is a BACnet Who-Is/I-Am, and why do we have it?


An excess of Global Who-Is/I-Am messages can be devastating on BACnet networks. Particularly on a big network with lots of devices, it’s important to limit broadcasts to only the necessities. 

But Who-Is messages do play an important part in the BACnet network and, if the devices are configured properly, they needn’t overwhelm the system. Read on to find out when and why Who-Is and I-Am messages are useful — and when those messages become a problem. 

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Become a BACnet Browser Pro


The BACnet Browser in Visual BACnet allows you to customize the information you see and isolate the specific packets you need to solve your problem. It’s one of the most powerful features in Visual BACnet, but an often confused or overlooked one.

In this 10-minute webinar, we showed attendees how to navigate the BACnet Browser and solve common network problems. Watch the webinar, and read on for our favourite ways to leverage the Browser.

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What is a BACnet router and gateway?


The router and gateway play key roles in your BACnet network, and are often easily mixed up. It’s important to understand how these disparate parts communicate with one another.

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What are the most common names in the Building Automation Industry?


At Optigo, we love learning about industry trends: artificial Intelligence and machine learning, data tagging, the push towards personalization in our buildings… 

Another ongoing trend we’ve noticed — at all the conferences we attend, on our customer lists, in the form submissions when someone signs up for a webinar — is a lot of the same first names. We don’t have every Tom, Dick, and Harry in our database, but it does feel like we have every Tim, David, and Michael. 

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Common BACnet IP and Ethernet issues


There are many different issues that can crop up on IP and Ethernet networks. 

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Common BACnet MS/TP issues


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that an MS/TP network rife with problems probably has bad wiring. 

MS/TP has been a foundation for building automation for a long time. While many newer buildings are shifting towards IP and Ethernet, lots of old structures are slower to move away from their traditional, hardwired roots. Once the building is up, it’s hard to alter the network’s foundation without a serious overhaul. There’s also an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude in the industry, and a lot of professionals don’t see MS/TP as “broke.”