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Foresight is 2020: Predictions for smart buildings and IoT in 2020


By Pook-Ping Yao, CEO, Optigo Networks

You could safely term the last decade of tech innovation “the Smartphone Era.”

The first iPhone was released almost 13 years ago, in 2007. Since then, we’ve gone from seeing smartphones as something of a fingerprint-smudged fad, to an essential piece to our lifestyle. So, if we’re leaving behind the Smartphone Era, where will we turn our attention next? Are the 2020s the Age of the Smart Building? Or, the Age of Smart Everything?

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From basic to master: Optigo OneView


There’s a ton you can do to manage your Optigo Connect network in Optigo OneView, from managing and organizing VLANs, to creating mirror ports and securing the network at the touch of a button.

Find out all the power and control you can get out of a OneView management dashboard in this webinar session:

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Where to capture data for Visual BACnet


Visual BACnet is a powerful program that removes the guesswork to diagnosing problems on your network. It provides a concrete Network Health Score, highlights key issues, and empowers users to improve their networks over time.

But you have to give it the right data first, and that means knowing where on the network to capture. Watch our short, 10-minute webinar, where we dug into the basics of capturing properly for Visual BACnet.

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What are Passive Optical Splitters?


Among the most unique features of the Optigo Connect network are our Passive Optical Splitters. 

These Splitters, through the innovation of Passive Optical Networking, allow us to design flexible and expandable network topologies, create fault-tolerant networks, and make efficient use of fiber. Find out how! 

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Designing a high-rise network, with Optigo Connect


Building a bid with Optigo Connect? Whether you’re designing a network for a big or small building, a new project or retrofit — Optigo Connect Spectra and Hybrid have you covered.

In this webinar session, we delved into a high-rise network. Watch the recording, or read on to learn about key network considerations.

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Crash course on making the most of Advanced Reports


Visual BACnet’s Advanced Reports are a fantastic addition to your service offerings, and a great way to keep your network updates on track. 

You can use them to:

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Optigo Networks joins Alerton’s Strategic Partner Program


We are proud to share that we’re the exclusive building networks solutions partner for Alerton’s Strategic Partner Program. Our Optigo ConnectTM product line is now available for distribution through the Alerton Dealer Network. Together, Optigo and Alerton will offer improved building management and network connectivity with the Alerton Ascent VisualLogicTMIP (VIP) controllers and Optigo Connect’s HybridTM and SpectraTM solutions.

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Frequently asked BACnet questions, answered


One of the biggest barriers we’ve found in this industry is a lack of accessible educational resources. For people who are new to the business of BAS, it’s a real challenge trying to string together information.

Of course, lots of people in the industry are doing fantastic work to change this. Phil Zito’s Building Automation Monthly and Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings are two key resources. 

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Network horror stories


There are goblins and ghouls that go bump in the night; and then there are BAS misconfigurations that give you a fright! For the last few Halloweens, we’ve collected some of your spookiest network horror stories. Read on for stories of: