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Visual BACnet Release - Version 1.9!


As usual we have been working away on some exciting new features in Visual BACnet. Launching May 5th, 2017, Version 1.9 will have the following new features

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Introducing Visual BACnet Advanced Reporting


We are pleased to announce the latest addition to Visual BACnet – advanced reports! These reports are an account add-on, and enable you to share the information in Visual BACnet with your stakeholders – your customers, your partners, or your boss.

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Optigo Networks dives into security at ISC West 2017


The team from Optigo Networks had a great time connecting with customers and new contacts at ISC West, April 4-7. The largest US security conference was teeming with attendees, eager to learn about the latest innovations. We covered the packed show floor and also hosted a small gathering.

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Visual BACnet features four new diagnostic checks!


The Optigo Networks team has been hard at work developing new features and diagnostic checks for Visual BACnet! Version 1.8.8, which launched on April 6, puts key summary details at the forefront and introduces four new diagnostic checks.

New features

We’ve put the network health summary on the file screen, so you can see at a glance where packets are showing problems. Simply scroll through, and stop when you see yellow or red!

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Webinar: Advanced Troubleshooting BACnet in Wireshark


BACnet networks can be brought down by excessive traffic, devices sending errors, and hundreds of other variables. Luckily, Wireshark can help identify the troublemaker devices and root causes of network problems.

We had a great time chatting with Greg Holloway, Tech Support and Wireshark Guru at Delta Controls, about the bits and bytes of Wireshark. Greg had some fantastic tips for navigating the tool.

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Separate OT networks: The future of smart buildings


With the proliferation of smart devices in buildings around the world, cybersecurity is the concern of the day.

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Duplicate BBMDs: How to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve them


A BBMD, or BACnet broadcast management device, sends a unicast message from one BACnet or IP device on a subnet to other subnets. Once the message gets to the destined subnet, the message is rebroadcast. A duplicate BBMD is where multiple devices on the same network are set as BBMDs, and are rebroadcasting the same messages.

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Maintaining BACnet on University Campuses


The team at Optigo is excited to announce we are co-hosting an event at Princeton University on April 5, all about maintaining BACnet systems on university campuses.

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Optigo Networks and Controlco advance separate OT networks


Optigo Networks is excited to announce a primary distributor partnership with California-based Controlco for the Optigo Connect product line. This partnership expands Optigo Connect’s availability throughout North America, and advances Optigo and Controlco’s shared vision of separate OT networks.