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The smart building industry with Pook-Ping Yao: Nexus podcast


On the Nexus podcast, founder and host James Dice interviews some of the brightest leaders in the smart building industry. It is a great resource to gain insight and learn from experienced industry professionals. 

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Layer 3 routing made easy


Do you waste time on repetitive tasks, like entering in static IP addresses? Do you wait forever to get a block of IP addresses from IT that you can use? 

Layer 3 routing can be difficult and tedious if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. Luckily, Optigo Connect has a new router management system that makes Layer 3 simple and straight-forward.

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Is your building cybersecure?


By Kevin Callahan, Product Evangelist Alerton, and Pook-Ping Yao, CEO at Optigo Networks

In late 2019, Alerton hosted a conference for its partners in California. There, Eric O’Neill, a former FBI counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence operative, spoke about cybersecurity in our new age of smart technology and connectivity.

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How easy is it to set up a network with Optigo Connect?


Whether it’s building a new piece of furniture or setting up some slick new tech, we’ve all been there: you’re ready to go, you pull up the instructions… and find that it’s way more complicated than you originally thought. The directions are confusing, it seems like there’s a thousand different steps, and the diagrams don’t do anything to clear things up. 

That’s a huge pain, especially if you’re setting up a network to bring a building online. We don’t think you should have to spend hours or days trying to get your router and switches up and running. 

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Why should you be an IT partner?


By Kevin Callahan, Product Evangelist at Alerton, and Pook-Ping Yao, CEO at Optigo Networks

Decades ago, BACnet changed the business model for our industry. It replaced the totally homogenous, closed, single-vendor buildings with fully open, mixed, multi-vendor systems.

While this fragmented the industry and introduced challenges in vendor management, it also gave us an array of new options.

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Router management for Operational Technology


Optigo Connect has long been a powerful solution for Operational Technology (OT) network management. Optigo’s line of networking products, controlled through Optigo OneView, meets OT’s needs for security and scalability while keeping it simple for the building and facility managers who run it all. 

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COVID-19 and the way forward for the building automation industry


By Pook-Ping Yao, CEO, Optigo Networks

What a time it’s been. We’re a few months into what could be a year — or more — of the new normal. I’ve enjoyed seeing more of my wife and kids, eating daily lunches together and exploring our board game collection. 

But we’re also learning to cope in a world where a simple visit to the grocery store isn’t so simple anymore. Masks and physical distancing are important protections, if (at times) unsettling reminders that we aren’t out of the woods yet.  

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Optigo Networks expands solution for complete network management


June 2, 2020 Vancouver, BC – Optigo Networks, the connectivity, monitoring, and analytics company, now offers a complete networking solution for Operational Technology (OT). The Optigo ConnectTM line of networking products, controlled through the Optigo OneViewTM platform, is expanding its network configuration and management software to include router management. With the supported router model, available for order through Optigo, this provides multi-layer network visibility in one centralized package.

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Optigo Networks welcomes Joel Schuster to its Board of Directors


May 26, 2020 Vancouver, BC – Optigo Networks is pleased to welcome Joel Schuster to the company’s board of directors. As the current Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel at APOLLO Exchange, and former Chief Legal Officer, Senior Vice President, and Corporate Secretary at Avigilon, Schuster has a breadth of experience in technology and business law. The new board member will bring a fresh perspective and strategic eye to the Board of Directors at Optigo.