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Superb customer value, with Visual BACnet


ATS, an industry-leading systems integrator with offices across the United States, has a clear vision for supporting customers. They want to be their clients’ trusted partner, through installation and beyond.

This includes:

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Struggling with building control systems? Let us help.


We all have those jobs that just won't go away. It feels like you've tried everything, but the problems are still there. 

Unfortunately, you're guilty until proven innocent. 

These delays cost you money, frustrate the customer, and limit your ability to expand your business.

We're experts in IP networking and building automation systems. 

If you want to finish jobs faster, grow your business, and provide incredible customer support, we're here to help. 

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Why do you need an MSI?


You’re in the design phase of a new building. Contractors and vendors are all coming at you with demands. Everyone has an opinion on how the control systems, electrical systems, mechanical systems, IT, software, and security should be integrated and managed. You have to coordinate these perspectives, all coming at you a mile a minute, and make critical decisions.

Sound familiar? You might need a Master Systems Integrator (MSI) on your team.  

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How to spec Division 25


The consulting specifying engineer of today is venturing into totally new territory: Division 25. While the MSI is familiar with the need for a Building IoT platform and a way to integrate all the systems in a building, the consulting engineer is only just starting to engage on this level.

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Tap into the power of your JACE


If you’re tired of going on site to capture BACnet data, look no further than your JACE.

The latest release of Visual BACnet from Optigo Networks allows you to capture traffic for analysis right from your JACE, 100% remotely. Our team has been hard at work developing this feature to allow you to harness the power of your JACE with Visual BACnet.

All you need is:

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The Basics of OT Networks


OT Networks Overview

Operational Technology (OT) networks in smart buildings consist of elevators, lighting, HVAC, surveillance, or essentially, anything attached to the building. With these devices becoming more connected and networked, it’s possible to consolidate IT and OT networks. However, there are many benefits to separating the networks. Separation helps optimize the IT and OT devices and services, as the networks’ requirements and functions are different. Simply put, IT runs the business and OT runs the building aspects.

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Capture BACnet traffic right from your JACE


The latest release from Visual BACnet brings huge convenience and time saving for users with JACE controllers. Now, your JACE gives you greater visibility into your BACnet network, allowing you to capture and send data to Visual BACnet for analysis with no additional hardware. 

This solution means that anyone with a JACE controller can capture the BACnet traffic they need with ease. Whatever BACnet data your controller can access, you can analyze. 

To access this new feature, all you need is: 

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Visual BACnet Capture Tool now available for Linux


With the new 2.6.0 update for Visual BACnet, we have introduced a Linux Capture Tool. Similar to our Windows Capture Tool, now Linux users can capture BACnet IP and MS/TP traffic right from their computers. Those captures will automatically upload into Visual BACnet for analysis. You can activate captures remotely, and even schedule captures ahead of time. 

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Creating a robust BACnet network at Coventry University


Coventry University in the United Kingdom had ongoing construction for campus expansion, requiring installation of new devices and network changes. With all the activity on the network, Chris Goodman, Senior BMS Technician at Coventry, and his team then had to deal with the subsequent broadcast storms.