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Optigo Networks and Yorkland Controls partner to advance OT networks


January 21, 2018, Vancouver and Toronto – Today, Vancouver-based Optigo Networks announces that Toronto-based Yorkland Controls will be its Canadian distributor. Together, Yorkland and Optigo will provide sophisticated edge-to-cloud OT network solutions.

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Cochrane Supply, Optigo Networks partner to provide complete network solutions


January 21, 2018, Vancouver and Michigan – Today, Michigan-based Cochrane Supply has announced that it is a North American distributor for Vancouver-based Optigo Networks’ suite of operational technology (OT) products. This ushers in a new era for Cochrane Supply, providing complete IoT network solutions to Master Systems Integrators (MSIs).

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Welcome Optigo’s new Data Solutions Architect


Meet Jeff Downton, the newest member of Optigo’s team

Optigo Networks is excited to welcome Jeff Downton as our new Data Solutions Architect. 

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Optigo welcomes new Quality Assurance Lead


Optigo Networks is excited to welcome a new face to the team: Corey Noakes, Quality Assurance Lead.

Corey is a technology expert with over 17 years of experience in high-tech, ranging from product design to test system development, manufacturing, project management, and engineering consulting. As Quality Assurance Lead, Corey heads the team responsible for ensuring Optigo’s continued reputation for quality and reliability.

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New and improved BACnet Browser


Visual BACnet’s BACnet Browser has gotten a big new upgrade. Back in October, we redesigned the browser into a histogram for simplified troubleshooting. Now, we’ve introduced sophisticated ways to customize your drill downs, save filters, and solve network issues. Read on for three of the biggest changes.

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MSIs and SIs


I hear a lot of confusion in the industry about the difference between MSIs and SIs. People don’t know why they should hire a system integrator versus a master systems integrator. Well, there’s certainly space for both MSIs and SIs in the industry right now, but the two are not the same.

Normally, a building will contract or sub out the security to one integrator, and then the building automation to another integrator. Sometimes they’ll even divide by system: “You take care of security, you take care of HVAC, you take care of elevators, you take care of lighting.”

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Why do you need an MSI?


You’re in the design phase of a new building. Contractors and vendors are all coming at you with demands. Everyone has an opinion on how the control systems, electrical systems, mechanical systems, IT, software, and security should be integrated and managed. You have to coordinate these demands, and somehow end up with the best, most efficient building you can. 

Sound familiar? You might need a Master Systems Integrator (MSI) on your team.  

An MSI is, very simply put, a deeply involved consultant:

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Problematic MS/TP networks


If you’ve ever dealt with MS/TP issues, you know they can be a massive headache. When MS/TP’s acting up, it means getting boots on the ground, clambering around in ceiling tiles, and troubleshooting section after section of network. It’s tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating.

To help relieve that frustration, we recently hosted a mini-webinar on solving major MS/TP issues. Watch our MS/TP webinar, or read on for our guide to finding, understanding, and fixing MS/TP. 

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Three ways to fit Visual BACnet into your service contract


We all know customer loyalty is important, and the numbers back it up. Consumers spend more on companies they’re loyal to, according to Accenture.