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Identifying problematic Global Who-Is in Visual BACnet


Global Who-Is requests are important to ensure all of the devices on your system are accounted for. However, if they occur too often they can clog the system with all of the I-Am replies. It is important to know if they are being sent out too frequently.

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Finding error responses in Visual BACnet


They’re typically linked to incompatibility between vendors or incorrect programming. Visual BACnet can help you quickly make sense of BACnet error messages, freeing up your time for other priorities.

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Finding duplicate device IDs in Visual BACnet


Having unique Device-ID’s in BACnet systems are extremely important. Yet, due to fix-value defaults and changes in systems, duplicate device IDs can be common. Unfortunately, finding the root of these duplicate device IDs is very difficult, and nearly impossible in Wireshark.

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Recap of "I Can Hack into Your Building. Stop Me." Webinar


Thank you to all who attended the "I Can Hack Into Your Building. Stop Me." webinar. We had a great turnout with some very interesting questions and comments. During the webinar we learned exactly how easy it is to hack into the thousands of unprotected buildings around the world. We then discussed the 4 ways that we can protect ourselves, as follows.

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New features in version 1.6!


Visual BACnet version 1.6 is being released today with a plethora of long-anticipated features. Thank you to our many customers who gave feedback and requested these additions. If you are not using Visual BACnet, register for an account today!

MSTP Diagnostic Checks

Three brand new diagnostic checks have been introduced.

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2016 SDN Throwdown with Telus & Juniper Networks


Vancouver, B.C. (August 5, 2016) - The SDN/Network Automation Competition was held last week, on July 26 at the Telus Garden in Vancouver. This unique educational program was offered by Telus and Juniper Networks with the aim of arming students with the skills they need and supplementing the knowledge that they acquire from the classroom.

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[Webinar] Dedicated Operational Technology Network: Worth it or not?


The wide adoption of IP and Ethernet technology has enabled network consolidation on an unprecedented scale, making it possible to put every device from lighting to printers on the same network. This allows for cost savings, but how much is too much?  What penalties and risks accompany the savings of Information Technology and Operational Technology network consolidation?  What can be done to mitigate them?

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Check out our newest features!


June was an extraordinary month with 20 power users on Visual BACnet providing us with regular feedback. Our development team was kept busy adding features and making changes to the product. Over the last six weeks we have launched many new features and made pre-existing features more user-friendly. Take a look below for a few of the biggest additions.

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A sampling of things to come during IBcon Smart Building Integrator Summit 2016


Vancouver, B.C. (June 20, 2016) - Mark your calendar as tomorrow, June 21, kicks off a pre-conference session during the Smart Building Integrator Summit in Silicon Valley in San Jose, CA. It promises to be a fast-paced segment that will provide a glimpse of the new technologies, ideas and concepts impacting facilities. This session will explore the new technologies (such as Drones, robots, IIoT, etc.) that are making their way into the general marketplace with a focus on their impact on how we use and operate real estate.