Optigo Networks integrates with KMC Controls to Improve Smart Building Monitoring

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Optigo Networks integrates with KMC Controls to Improve Smart Building Monitoring

 Vancouver, May 8, 2017 - A brand new integration from Indiana-based KMC Controls and Vancouver-based Optigo Networks allows for full-system monitoring of building networks. This helps controls engineers, integrators, service technicians, and building managers alike save time, money, and energy with monitoring at all system levels. Through the partnership, KMC Controls and Optigo Networks are advancing their missions to simplify smart building management.

When a building’s MS/TP network is acting up, pinpointing the problem can quickly balloon into a week-long job. That is because the engineer or technician must drive down to the building, and identify the issue on the MS/TP network through sheer process of elimination. It means breaking the network, testing, and repeating for hours or days if need be, before finally capturing the necessary information and beginning to troubleshoot. This often has to be done after hours, as the process is highly disruptive to tenants: furniture and ceiling tiles must be moved in order to even access the physical network.

Now, engineers and technicians can schedule captures in the state-of-the-art KMC Conquest BACnet Router for MS/TP and IP networks. The capture is recorded and saved, so it is ready to upload into Optigo Networks’ advanced analytics platform, Visual BACnet. The online application helps technicians visualize patterns and anomalies, assess their network’s health, and diagnose the source of issues. With the new integration, they can monitor the entire building automation system, at both the main server and all the individual MS/TP networks. This means less downtime, less troubleshooting, and more resolution.

The new partnership builds on KMC Controls’ and Optigo Networks’ shared visions of centralized, real-time monitoring in smart buildings, no matter the network size or complexity.

  KMC Controls

“We’re always looking for ways to help our customers save time and money,” says Erich Kreuter, VP of Product Development at KMC Controls. “By using our router to take regular captures of the network and make them available to advanced analytics platforms, like Optigo Networks’ Visual BACnet, saving time and money is only the beginning of the benefits they’ll realize!” “We are excited to be partnering with KMC. Their values align with our vision to bring innovation and cutting edge products to the building automation industry,” said Pook-Ping Yao, CEO  at Optigo Networks. “This integration allows us to monitor building networks on multiple levels, bringing us one step closer to monitoring entire building networks on an ongoing basis.”

This exciting new integration optimizes network and device performance, keeping costs low, efficiency high, and tenants happy. For more information and to take part in beta testing, contact Monica McMahen at Optigo Networks.

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Recent Projects

Penn State University Optigo Networks Visual BACnet


When Tom Walker looked at Penn State University’s Navy Yard network, he saw huge issues. The system was busy and loud, to the point where the overrun network was bringing down the entire building. Because this was happening on the MS/TP network, pinpointing the problem would mean boots on the ground to segment and test the chain, piece by piece.

Penn State University Optigo Networks Visual BACnet


When Tom Walker first started working at Penn State University four years ago, there were a lot of network issues. Buildings were dropping offline. Broadcast traffic was pushing 90,000 packets per hour. Walker was on the phone almost every single night because devices were down or had to be reset.


Torre Manacar Mexico City Optigo Connect


When MR Soluciones began work on Torre Manacar, they knew they needed a flexible and scalable network infrastructure to support a wide array of integrated systems. Optigo Networks was a natural fit for the massive project, designing a robust network at a competitive cost.



Short Pump Town Center, an upscale retail center, underwent a complete renovation in 2014. The flexibility of Optigo Networks’ solution meant the retail center’s unknown final design was not a barrier to placing IP surveillance equipment in the field.



Optigo Networks connected New York-based Boulevard Mall’s security surveillance devices in December 2015, using a Passive Daisy Chain topology.

Visual BACnet tech support team


One tech support team at a manufacturer purchased an account with Visual BACnet in April 2017, for technical problems around the world.

Aster Conservatory Green Optigo Connect


The Aster Conservatory Green is a community comprising 352 residences across 24 low-rise buildings. The buildings use advanced surveillance and access control technology, including 40 HD video cameras and 60 FOB-access-tele-entry points for access control.



When Delta Building Automation (Australia) won the BMS Upgrade at 25 National Circuit for the Australian Trucking Association, they partnered with Optigo Networks to create a secure and robust Building Services Network (BSN). Optigo Connect more than delivered on this project with a scalable solution that restored the building network to perfection.

Optigo Connect Seattle Stadium


Optigo Connect offered a simple, cost-efficient solution for a premier Seattle-based stadium. Optigo Networks’ design improved the surveillance system to crystal clear perfection, made it dependable, and allowed the security system to scale with the addition of more than 40 16MP cameras.



Optigo Networks and OTI offered a secure and scalable solution for four data centers’ HVAC and Access Control systems throughout the United States. Optigo Connect’s performance in the first data center was so impressive, the client asked that Optigo replicate the network design for three other data centers.